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The Siamsinpawlpi, or SSPP in short, is a popular students’ welfare organization in the North Eastern corner of India, with operations across India as well as abroad, wherever its members reside. Nurtured on the principles of philanthropy and volunteerism, the Siamsinpawlpi has been addressing issues relating to the educational and developmental needs of youths in general and students in particular among the Paite community.

Founded in January 13, 1947 at Mission Compound, Lamka in Southern Manipur with the motto Learn, Labor & Serve, the Organization was broadly established as a students’ welfare association covering all students interested in becoming members of the association. It then emerged into an organization with deep concern and commitment for the educational development of the first generation learners among the Paite community.

Since then, the Organization has contributed tremendously to the educational development of the Paite community and has undertaken various activities and programmes that seek to inculcate and enhance the learning spirit among its members.


The word Siamsinpawlpi is a combination of two Paite words – siamsin and pawlpi. The word 'siamsin' literally means learner, or student, while pawlpi stands for association or society, where the word pi is used to connote something great or big. Hence, Siamsinpawlpi is an association of learners or students.

Since learning is a lifelong process, prominent leaders, scholars, social workers and other respectable persons of the Paite community continue to serve as active members in the Organization.

Past and present leaders and advocates of the Organization comprised of the best minds – Indian civil service officers, former Indian ambassador, officers in the Indian armed forces, bankers, high-ranking managers in multinational companies, entrepreneurs – from the Paite community.


On January 13, 11 (eleven) leaders of the Paite Community founded Siamsinpawlpi.

Dr S Liankham - President
Pu Khatchin Dousel - Secretary
Members :
Rev H Nengzachin,
Pu T Thangkhai,
Pu H Tualvung,
Pu TC Tiankham,
Pu T Thangkogin,
Pu Phungdal,
Pu T Tualchin,
Pu Ngulthawng,
Pu T Jamkhothang

The same year, the 1st Annual Conference was held at Mission Compound, where main focus during the conference was to stress critically the resurgence of Paite as a tribe and the need for early publication of the Paite Holy Bible.


The 2nd Annual Conference was held at Bungmual Village. The main highlights of the conference were:

» Construction of building for Paite Trading Company at Imphal with a view to accommodate students studying at Imphal.
» To emphasize the need of compulsory children’s education.
» To emphasize personal cleanliness and public hygiene in the villages.


The 3rd Siamsinpawl Annual Conference was held at Lamka. The conference once again highlighted cleanliness, women’s education, learning Manipuri language and diligence. After the conference was over, the Pawlpi sent out selfless volunteers who conducted house-to-house campaign in the villages. These volunteers practically teach the people how to wash utensils and enhance public health in the hill areas of Manipur.


The 4th Siamsinpawl Annual Conference was again held at Lamka. In this conference, the main focus were the need for integration and unity of the Paite speaking people, importance of social services for community development, importance of obedience and discipline to increase the social value system.


The 5th Siamsinpawl Annual Conference highlighted the need for demographic census of the Paite speaking people, publishing of Monthly SSPP news-bulletin, and publication of SSPP Annual Magazine, with a view to expressing views and ideas to the public so as to expedite the policy and programmes of the pawlpi.


The 6th Siamsinpawl Annual Conference highlighted the need for maintaining SSPP library in the head office and also to make provision for establishing SSPP Blocks and Branches wherever needed, to promote Paite Literature to preserve Paite Culture and Customary laws and practices, etc.

This conference was a turning point in the annals of the Siamsinpawlpi as they resolved that the pattern of holding Annual Conference and the modus operandi of implementing the policy and programmes of the pawlpi be changed to be more academic rather than social reconstruction in the coming years.


In the light of the above resolution adopted during th 6th Siamsinpawl Annual Conference, the Siamsinpawlpi turned its head to a new direction. SSPP Blocks and Branches were established in the Hill areas and in the valleys. The way of holding Annual Conferences was also changed since 1952.

With the aim of imbibing the students with a sense of purpose, competitive-mindedness and development of personality, the conferences since then organizes competitions on items of games & sports, academic development, debate, recitation, extempore speech, singing, quiz, instrumental music, short plays, etc.

In every conference, prominent leaders and renowned scholars were invited to deliver talks/lectures on burning and important topics for the student community and for the general public as well.

Aims And Objectives: Preamble to the Siamsinpawlpi ConstitutionTOP

We, members of the Siamsinpawlpi
Hereby solemnly resolve to
Educate ourselves in various fields of learning,
Develop our Skills,
Encourage ourselves towards Manual Labour,
Train ourselves towards various Constructive Games and Sports,
Faith in Behavior, Laborious, Truthful and God-fearing;
Work for the good of the Society,
Commit ourselves to the good of the Nation,
Co-operate with other students’ welfare organizations,
Strive forward United,
We pledge to our motto –
Learn, Labour and Serve.

So help us God!

The Siamsinpawlpi Insignia : Emblem and FlagTOP
Emblem Flag (Magenta, Green and Blue)

Composer : V. Khoikhandai

Taanglai siamsin tukawl tawi a vailou kuan hi,
Sungnek baansam vuallai ah zehzum,
Zaitha nuam di’a siambang sinna sumtawng haampi;
Sangkap simtam vual nibang elna,
Lal tang patbang sai thanmual suahna hi.
Sian simthu nibang hong taang i gamlei ah,
Zata suihlung kilbang thou sak.
Khangpan seinou vualte vabang phawng,
Siamsin lunggeel khang theibang lou ta e,
Sinin, Semin, Zuunin chi in,
Hantoh simthu tong hon zeek Siamsinpawlpi.
A meel chik na lahmei kuang toh machiang huai,
A sul zuia siamsin mabang pante,
Nua chiang a i phungpi huai ding.
A khan lumsuang bang tou hen, Siamsinpawlpi;
Lumbang sung aw, biak tung Thianmang.

Organisation StructureTOP

The Siamsinpawlpi Standing Committee is the prime governing body of the Organization and holds the highest authority in the Organization’s administrative, legislative and judicial matters. Financial budgets as well as policies and programmes of the Siamsinpawlpi General Headquarters needs the approval of the Standing Committee for implementation.

The Siamsinpawlpi General Headquarters at Lamka (based at the Siamsinpawlpi Complex, Siloam Veng, Bungmual, Lamka) is the apex body of the Organization and consists of the Executive Committee and sub-committees like the Siamsinpawlpi Residential School Management Committee and the Siamsinpawlpi Foundation Trust. The elected President ,who is the Executive Head of the Organization, can nominate members who will constitute the Executive Committee with the approval of the Standing Committee.

LEVELS AND STAGES OF OPERATION : For administrative convenience, the Organization has established a Headquarters in Aizawl, Mizoram. Joint Headquarters have also been set up in places like Delhi, Shillong and Lamka due to their sizeable membership and location. There are also numerous administrative constituents of the Organization which are classified as blocks, branches and units, with the branches and units reporting directly either to the blocks or the headquarters/joint headquarters, depending on their location.

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