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Boost Competition for Excellence in Various Fields through the Siamsinpawlpi Annual Awards

The Siamsinpawlpi General Headquarters, in partnership with various donors from the Paite Community, gives away topper awards to its members every year.

  • The Jamtun Samte Award : Given to the topper among Siamsinpawlpi members in the HSLC Exam under Board of Secondary Education Manipur.

  • The Mangzapau Swante Award : Given to the topper among Siamsinpawlpi members in the HSSLC (Arts) Exam or its equivalent.

  • The Hausapu Zenhang Valte Award : Given to the topper among Siamsinpawlpi members in the HSSLC (Science) Exam or its equivalent.

  • The Thangzamang Guite IPS Award : Given to the topper among Siamsinpawlpi members in the HSSLC (Commerce) Exam or its equivalent.

  • The Haukhopau Guite Memorial Award : Given to the topper among Siamsinpawlpi members in Mathematics in the HSLC (or its equivalent) exam under any board in India or abroad.

  • The Tualkhothang Naulak Award : Given to Siamsinpawlpi members who are permanent commissioned officers in the Indian Armed Forces.

  • The Upa Chinzagou Shoute Memorial Award : Given to Siamsinpawlpi members who get into the Indian Administrative Service.

  • The VK Tawna Award : 3 separate awards given to the toppers among Siamsinpawlpi members in M.Sc in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Besides, the Organization also gives away meritorious awards, professional distinction awards and awards for distinguished service in various fields to achievers and pioneers from among the Siamsinpawlpi members on Siamsinpawlpi Founders’ Day (January 13) every year.

The various entities and components of the Siamsinpawlpi also give away similar awards annually at their respective levels (headquarters, joint headquarters, blocks, branches and units) with the aim of enhancing education and emphasizing healthy competition and innovation in various fields and career options among the Paite Community.

Career Oriented ProgramsTOP

Provide Career Guidance and Counselling

The Siamsinpawlpi, at every level of its existence, i.e., General Headquarters, headquarters, joint headquarters, blocks, branches and units regularly organizes career guidance workshops and seminars as well as counseling sessions for its members. Resource persons for these activities are usually mobilized from among the Paite intellectual circle from across the globe (who invariably are also staunch supporters of the Organization), who readily spend from their own pockets to come to these workshops and seminars and be a part of such activities.

Study Groups, Crash Courses and Coaching Camps

The Siamsinpawlpi, through its entities like the Delhi Joint Headquarters has been felicitating in organizing civil services aspirants among the Paite community into study groups. The Organization also organizes coaching camps at the Siamsinpawlpi Complex, Lamka, for students coming from schools in remote locations for the matriculate board examinations every year.

These camps are sponsored by Siamsinpawlpi’s own well-wishers and parents of the beneficiaries.

Revive Government Schools in Remote AreasTOP

Since 2006, the Siamsinpawlpi has played an important role in revitalizing of government schools in remote parts of Southern Manipur which have otherwise collapsed due to apathy and negligence on the part of the concerned authorities. The Organization acts as the intermediary by bringing together various stakeholders like the Hausa or village headman, the concerned Government machineries, church leaders and the elected representatives into a single platform. The Government educational institutions which have been taken up for revitalization include the following:

  • Bukpi Government High School, Bukpi

  • Bukpi Primary School, Bukpi

  • Sinzawl Government Junior High School, Sinzawl

  • Songtal Government High School, Songtal

  • Tualkhothang Government High School, Mualnuam

  • Suangdoh Government High School, Suangdoh

Before the commencement of any revitalization project, the Organization conducts a thorough survey of the socio-economic conditions of the expected beneficiary villages – problems of electricity, water, etc., and explores the factors responsible for the earlier failure of the Government-run educational institution. The Survey Report is then discussed and debated among the various stakeholders, before arriving at a consensus on how to revive the educational institution.

Educational Awareness CampaignTOP

Since its inception, the Siamsinpawlpi has been actively involved in creating educational awareness in remote areas of Southern Manipur and North Eastern Mizoram through its entities, viz., branches, blocks and units, as well as the General Headquarters itself.

In recent years, the Organization has conducted various educational awareness tours, dubbed “Zodawn (Rural) Educational Tours” with the two-pronged strategy of assessing the status of the education system in rural areas and spreading awareness about the power of education among the rural masses.

Institution and TrustTOP
  • The Siamsinpawlpi Residential School

    The Organization also runs its own Residential School with 500 students under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India. The School is looked after by a separate School Management Committee. With the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur having granted recognition to the School, students from economically backward families can now complete their school education from this institution.

  • Provide Educational Scholarships, Loans and Grants

    Through the Siamsinpawlpi Foundation Trust, the Organization has been providing loans, grants and scholarships to the needy and deserving Siamsinpawlpi members for pursuing academic and/or professional courses in recognized institutions and universities in India and abroad.

Magazines and PublicationsTOP  

The various levels of Siamsinpawlpi’s operations, viz. General Headquarters, headquarters, joint headquarters, blocks, branches and units publish their own annual magazines and souvenirs from time to time since the 1950s. These publications often comprise of various articles and writings from the Paite intellectual circle, as well as relevant and dependable write-ups on career options, admission tips, student etiquette, etc.

The Publications by the Organisation have immensely contributed to the social upliftment of the Paite community as well as the overall development of Paite literature.

Activities of Various InterestsTOP  
  • Annual Conferences and Cultural Festivals

    Held at the General Headquarters, Headquarters, Joint Headquarters, Blocks and Branches, these are regular events of the Organization which seek to remind the youth of their past, and learn to appreciate their rich cultures and traditions.

  • Help Desks for Freshers

    The Siamsinpawlpi’s entities in the metros as well as other cities often set up Help Desks for new students seeking admissions in various universities across India. These help desks are manned by Siamsinpawlpi members who have volunteered to help the freshers in their admission process.

  • The Siamsinpawlpi Development Index

    The Siamsinpawlpi Development Index Survey has been initiated at the various operational levels of the Organization in order to gauge the socio-economic conditions of the Paite community in Southern Manipur and North Eastern Mizoram.

  • Working with government agencies

    The Siamsinpawlpi regularly assists and cooperates with various government agencies for various programs like AIDS awareness campaigns, environmental awareness drives, immunization programmes, etc.

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